Sam, Coco-de-Mer Soft Toy

  • Rs 250.00
  • Rs 500.00

Say "bonzour" to Seychellois adventures with this Sam small soft toy! Featuring a creole-style outfit and a straw hat, Sam looks ready to head to the beach!

A joyful and childish anthropomorphic Coco-de-Mer living in Seychelles. Sam works as a fisherman and his greatest dream in life is to receive his boating license so he can travel the world.

Magic in the details

The bare necessities

  • H32 x W18 x D9cm approx.

  • Made from polyester fibre

Sam is a cartoon character created by Mahe Bleu Company in 2020 and his job is bringing happiness to Seychelles during this pandemicSam Soft Toy will keep you smiling through the day!