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Facial Cleanser & Massager

Facial Cleanser & Massager

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· 100% of users report more bright & rejuvenated skin.

· 95% of users report healthier-looking skin. 80% report reduced pimples.

· 94% of users report 2x more absorption of skincare products.

· 76% of users report skin looks & feels lifted and more elastic.


✓ Sonic cleansing technology removes oil, dirt and makeup 85% better than wipes

✓ Ensures a deep cleanse 5x more effective than manual cleansing

✓ Deep cleans the pores to improve skincare absorption

✓ Suitable for twice daily use

✓ Minimises the appearance of pores and wrinkles

✓ Cruelty free, vegan formula doesn't make skin feel tight or stripped of moisture

Good quality and with no replacement parts required.

Staggering battery life
USB rechargeable with up to 100 uses per single charge.

Hygienic & Waterproof
Made of anti-bacteria silicone, 100% waterproof, easy to clean.

Start by taking off your makeup and lightly dampening your face with water. Apply Mahe Bleu®cleanser on your face and then wet the devise. Place the tool on one side of your face at your chin and move it up to your ears in gentle strokes for about 15s. Do the same thing for the other side of your face. Move on to cleansing your forehead and then on either side of your nose. Each section of your face should be cleansed in 15s intervals. Flip the product over to test out the pulsating anti-aging treatment. Place the flat side on one of your wrinkle-prone areas (like between the eyebrows or your temples) and stroke the specific section for 12s.


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