BioSey All in 1 Capsules - Coconut Oil

Specially formulated in a convenient single dose capsule to provide a powerful cleaning performance while leaving behind a delicious scent of coconut that smells like paradise. Suitable for both whites and colored clothes.

Paradise Scent: This fragrance contains sweet and warm notes of vanilla, amber and musk that instantly transports you to a tropical beach.

Direction for use: 

1. Ensure your hands are dry and place the capsule directly into the empty washing machine drum and close the door immediately

2. Adds laundry on the top of the capsule

3. Select the appropriate cycle

4. Ensure the lid fully closed after use

5. Wash hands after handling

This product contains a bittering agent on its surface to help prevent accident ingestion by children.


Use 1 capsule per load (4-5Kg Dosage).

For hard water areas, heavily soiled loads of loads 6Kg or above use 2 capsules.

*Standard number of wash (16) based on dosage for medium water hardness. Pre-treat any difficult stains. Should the capsule leave a little residue on your clothes, rinse under warm water. Always follow the garments care label.

Not suitable for silk and woolens.

Not suitable for use directly on stains.

Not recommended for hand washing or for quick wash programs.

Do not pierce, break or cut the capsules.

Do not overload your machine.

Store in a cool dry place.

Do not store in direct sunshine