Love from the Indian Ocean

“We chose Seychelles and the Indian Ocean because it had the perfect climate and the land is very pure
Dr. Martin, Mahe Bleu Founder

Seychelles has an EEZ of 1.37 km2 of ocean and 115 islands, and 435 species of algae have been documented so far. Algae is one of the most dense crops on earth, algae contains minerals such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, iodine, iron, potassium, phosphorus & zinc as well as vitamins like A, B, C, D & E. The benefits of ingesting both categories include a boost in immunity, improved circulation, detoxification of vital organs and a regulation of natural hormones. The rich nature of algae means that it can provide all of the immeasurable benefits.

Benefit 1. Moisture: Algae is packed with humectants that draw in moisture at a greater rate than any other natural ingredients, as well as containing vitamin E (famously hydrating).

Benefit 2. Antioxidants: Vitamin B & C combat pigmentation, stimulates collage and brightens lacklustre skin. They are both powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Benefit 3. Minerals: Omega, Zinc & Magnesium all contribute to a more healthy epidermal barrier, protecting from environmental aggressors and soothing any current inflammation.

Benefit 4. Proteins: Amino acids are the building blocks of cells, which maintain and fill cells membranes, simultaneously creating a plump, youthful face while preventing any accelerated aging.


Our herb ingredients are grown in one of the purest places, where the air is clean the rich organic soil is full of nutrients and the climate creates the optimum environment for growing plants.

Since 2015, our organic ingredients that make it into Mahe Bleu products have been handpicked by local farmers, gone through our exclusive Bio-Extract™ process to create extractions and combined to make the finished high-performing products in our Natural Beauty Plant.


We believe we should always give back to the Indian Ocean instead of what we take from it. This is why organic farming methods have been used since we started. We take a holistic approach and view the farm as a single system connected to the earth, atmosphere and universe. Our approach is to provide guidance based on the location of the moon/planet and a specially created calendar. It enables us to live in harmony with nature and produce botanicals rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Our Unique Process



Our plant-based ingredients is free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers


We have solar panels at our farm and Natural Beauty Workshop


43 varieties of herbs are planted on Seychelles islands each year


We've planted 940 Algaes since 2016, and extract its essence, bottle the intense power, and deliver an undiluted force of Nature to your skin


Through using rain and ocean water, we've reduced our usage by 52% since 2019


Our manufacturing process in Seychelles has sent zero waste to landfill since 2018


We’ve won two awards for our sustainable packaging efforts


Since 2019, we've reduced 20% of transport emissions through our freight management initiative